Exploring Wikis

Review the following resources to learn more about Wikis:

Richardson - Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for the Classroom
Ch. 4 - "Wikis: Easy Collaboration for All" (pp. 55-68)

Lee Lefever - CommonCraft.com website
"Wikis in Plain English" video (view online)

As you read and explore, jot down questions you have or information you might like to gather from fellow classmates to be used for one of the assignments in this unit.

WikEd website
"Wiki in a K-12 classroom" (view online)

Meredith Farkas - Slideshare.net website
"Wikis: Basic Tools and Strategies" (view online)

Vicki A. Davis - Slideshare.net website
"Wikis in the Classroom" (view online)

Will Richardson - Weblogged Presentation Links website
"Will Richardson’s Wiki Links" (view online)

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